Hi, I'm Rachel

It all started back in 2012 at Universal Studios - well, at the popular employee watering hole outside of the theme park.  After some liquid courage, and a force that Chris says pushed him to come speak to me, we sparked a witty conversation and connected immediately.

From that night forward, we've been in it!  Despite a 10 month entertainment tour, and ever-changing time zones, we worked hard to keep our spark alive long distance.  Here we are now!  We had a microwedding ourselves in Miami, November 11, 2017, which has made working in the wedding industry that much more fun (& emotional haha), now passionate about intimate weddings like ours was.

We're both born and raised Florida natives.  Reverse snowbirds in ways - visiting the mountains often and annual snowboarding trips, all while residing close to family in sunny central Florida.   We like to think we're adventurers, just like you.

The story & lifestyle of your filmmakers

December 2019

Rachel & Chris were so fun, proactive & professional.  Then the finished film was unbelievable - better than we could've ever imagined!  

Laura & Christian

Kind words 

April 2012

I met Chris, my husband!
(ps: Lucy came into the picture just in 2019 though)

Mar 2016

Friends saw our travel vlogs, then booked us for our 1st wedding!

Chris and I got married in Miami Beach!

Nov 2017

Officially launched Narlee Film Co.!

Nov 2018


Gained SO much clarity on the true value of video/audio when my Father passed away.

Feb 2020

How will you and loved ones remember this one wild & precious life we have?

We believe in capturing the fleeting yet cherished moments, both big &small, so they can be cherished forever.

Let's start yours

No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.