Our SoCal Engagement Story



Just a day planned for La Jolla Cove in San Diego with our close local friends, Chris’ sister & his niece and nephew… little did I know that everyone knew his plan to make that day one of the most memorable of our lives together.

June 15th was our 4 year anniversary, and I had been talking up La Jolla and how much I LOVED it there for a long time now since I visited on tour.  It’s breathtaking views, greenery along the cliffside park, and – the CUTEST seals sunning themselves for hours on end!  So we grabbed lunch with our friends Abby and Abe, and met up with Chris’ sister, Julie, and her kiddos.  

We started off at seal beach getting an up close visit with loads of them.  Hah! The seals were stinky! After trekking up and down the cliffside to different packs of seals, we walked along the walkway heading towards the park area.  Chris saw a gazebo and said he wanted to get us all inside of it, and do a 360-degree shot of his drone orbiting around us.  Me being stubborn, hah – I turned it down initially, but then went with the flow.  By that time Chris was already flying his drone around all day, and I honestly wanted him to save his battery-life for Sunset Cliffs which we had planned for after dinner that night.  So, we walked down and as we approached, there was an opening to the fencing that led out to the cliffside.  I gave my camera to Abby, and asked her to get a couple photos of me sitting by the cliff.  It was GORGEOUS – and probably a little dangerous, ha!  

As I was turned away sitting on the cliffside, Chris got his drone set up and told Abe, “I’m doing it here”.  Chris cautiously let Abe hold onto his drone remote while it hovered behind us on the cliffside.  

While all of that happened behind me, Chris then walked up to me and asked me to stand up.  Me being stubborn again hah, I asked him to sit down.  “Come on, stand up”, he says.  So I did… 

As I was still brushing off my bum from the sand, he tells me he has a question to ask — At that point I was just confused, and then I saw his hand come around from behind him with this blue ring box, and I was speechless:  My hands on my cheeks,  over my mouth,  trying to keep it together, smiling and laughing with joy but thinking how I didn’t see it coming —and the first thing I say to him and our friends: “Are you serious?!” hah I couldn’t BELIEVE it!  Chris still kneeling down, I realized I didn’t actually answer the question… I said YES! and then he stood up to give me the biggest hug and kiss.  Our loved ones were filming us and capturing the moment, which I’m SO grateful that we have this to remember.  It really was so beautiful, quaint, and overlooking a gorgeous landscape.

He picked out such a timeless ring, that I know will be cherished forever.  We talked about rings before, and just knew that we wanted it to be timeless to pass on to children one day.

Still today I’m so surprised at how slick he was with planning all of that and getting everyone in the know – except me of course.  





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