Our Anniversary in the Sky






It was our 5 year anniversary, and we had been sitting on a voucher that we purchase for Orlando Hot Air Balloons back during Christmas – so what better time to enjoy it!  Chris’ parents came along with us too because we had purchased it for them as well.

6am, eek!  So early!  In fact, we checked in at 5:30am and then the logistical things took place before we hit the road and drove out to the launch site.  Once there, the field was vast, open, and full of a rising blanket of mist as the sun rose and burnt off the moisture.  Breathtaking and peaceful, yet contrastingly pumped and nervous at the same time.

Our balloon was the largest, and the last one to take off.  I was able to capture the other balloons that got a headstart into the air, and it got me even more excited!

Before we knew it – we were up!  The launch was SO HOT – that massive torch right next to your head, just: wow!  I brought a hoodie thinking it’d be colder up there, but actually it was MUCH warmer up there.  I guess hot air DOES rise, because it was drastically cooler on the ground before launch.  So we sailed through the skies… silent… air blowing… startling blows of hot air from the flame… breezy and silent again….

..before I knew it, it was time to come down.  Landing was something I never thought about:  the basket doesn’t have cushion underneath so the balloon’s captain has to try his best of landing us and then we slide with the momentum in the field.  We bumped the ground about 3 times, slide, then finally came to a stop – everyone was laughing!

All in all – what an awesome morning!  and a happy start to another year ahead of us in this journey together!

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