72 hours in Asheville: the Perfect Fall Weekend Getaway

our anniversary trip – full of cool weather, amazing food, history learnin, and scenic drives!

DAY 1: The Biltmore Estate

DAY 1: The Biltmore Estate


WOW  The only window that can make Chris (who’s 6’3”) look like a tiny human!

WOW The only window that can make Chris (who’s 6’3”) look like a tiny human!




As a married bunch – Chris, myself and our 2 friends, Claudia and Anthony decided to take a double-date trip to the mountains of Asheville!!   It was all of our 1st times there. We actually got the cutest AirBNB of a woodsy log cabin just outside of Asheville closer to the Blue Ridge Parkway! Being Floridians, we were gasping with awe at the color changing leaves and just how gorgeous they are! Solid plans weren’t locked into place but thats the type of travelers we are and as are our friends, which is perfect hah! Fun fact, Chris and I took our first trip as a couple with Claudia and Anthony back in 2012: a caribbean cruise to Jamaica, and that was our 1st travel video we made too (so old school and wow have we grown at our video making on Youtubing hah)!

So in case you are looking for a quick, easy and cheap getaway from the southeast US area, get an airbnb – 1st time? here’s a $40 credit , book a flight (we love Google flights) and I hope you’ll find some of this helpful! Our weekend panned out like this:

Friday PM:  arrived into the Asheville Airport.  Drive into downtown Asheville for dinner!  We ate at Red Ginger Dim Sum & Tapas and being that it was a SUPER chilly night (and rainy!) we headed straight back to the car and drove to our cabin to check in!

Saturday:  Morning time, we enjoyed the amenities of the cabin –  we made coffee, hung out in the living room, and then got our day started by visiting The Biltmore Estate.  We were there for a solid 5 hours between the Winery and the Estate.  Definitely get the audio tour if you are a history buff and like to learn the fun details rather than just marveling at the sky-high ceilings and grandeur!  After the Estate, we drove into Asheville again with the intention to just food hop!  Well, EVERYWHERE was packed with a wait by now We did manage to get some tacos at White Duck Taco Shop and then put our name down on the 1.5hr waitlist at Blue Dream Curry House as we walked the rest of the city!  When we sat down for our curry, it was game on!!  We were just cherishing the warm, spicy smelling atmosphere, and anticipating ALL the delicious food!

Sunday:  Today Chris and I split off from our friends to have some couple-time and we ventured up to THE Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.!  This industrial-mod yet rustic feeling brewery was nestled perfectly on a hill where the whole backyard of the brewery had an amphitheater on a stadium-like hill… with an organic garden area and big fire pit!  Chris and I were laughing that this looked like it was out of an Abercrombie ad – tons of flannel, folky pop music, fire pit chill out, and people with their dogs and families (I filmed some of this on my Instagram Story!).  We stayed here for lunch and a beer, then drove 30 minutes north to the Blue Ridge Parkway and made a few stops at the lookouts along the way (pics galore are below)!  By the time we exited the mountains, it was sunset and we got pizza at Pi-Squared to then bring to the cabin. 

The night was wrapped up with a campfire and chatting with our friends about the first year of marriage… and love languages, hah!  Chris and I jumped into the hot tub for a bit and then called it a night for our early flight back to Orlando the next day.

Overall, Asheville was the perfect 1.5hr flight away from Orlando.  Living in Florida, I always crave a nice mountain retreat and now that I know how close Asheville is – this VERY WELL might be my go-to mountain getaway (especially like I said before, the flights being only $100 roundtrip). 

We always tell each other that it’s be ideal to travel every quarter of the year.  With our 1 year anniversary next weekend, this was perfect timing to experience a new place together!

We didn’t do any video this trip, but check out our photo diary below ♥️

Sunday drive: the blue ridge parkway!





I see also why they call these the Purple Mountains

I see also why they call these the Purple Mountains


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