Reflecting | 2016

2016 – what a year!  Looking back at the year, it certainly had the highs and the lulls, but one that offered a lot of growth.  I was thinking back to every month and a highlight from each… the list goes as follows:

January – Stated 1st Acting Class
February – Moved in with Chris
March – Recommitted to side ventures with health & writing/blogging more as well as booked fitness modeling with True Fitness
April – Filmed 1st lead role in an independent film
May – Quit my office job, and took on being part of an opening-cast of the Marilyn & The Diamond Bellas show at Universal Studios
July – Rediscovered health & led a group of girls to fitness
Aug – Completed 2nd Acting Intensive & dedicated vacation time to my girlfriends visiting in town
Sep – Filmed at the Citrus Bowl with Chris for 1st time
Oct – Was a bridesmaid & turned 29!
Nov – Designed & Hosted our 1st Friendsgiving party at our place
Dec – Revolutionized my organization techniques and took on a KonMari / Capsule Wardrobe method to simplify my surroundings

2016 brought so much positivity & happy memories into my life, so I aim to keep this momentum going into 2017…

My 2017 resolutions are: pray more – exercise more – grow with cooking – finally learn Spanish to use when traveling – travel out of the country – more “Rachel & Chris” time – be on time if not early hah! – build confidence – consistently write – inspire others with my work – make more meaningful friendships – grow the relationships I have already – keep my plants alive – plan a wedding or decide on a destination elopement – save more & freelance more – really give 100% to things before bouncing to another idea – visit home every couple months – make more time for friends I don’t see everyday – keep my car clean – finish my laundry and fold it – no more impulsive shopping – close the kitchen cabinets – journal regularly – use my new planner – plan more yet still embrace my spontaneous-ish tendencies 

photo: Snippitts Productions

photo: Snippitts Productions

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