My Valentine


In a digital age, it constantly amazes me of the capacity at which we can touch and connect with people all through a digital platform.  In this case — videography.  Chris and I both share this passion of capturing and connecting with video.  With this growing skill in my tool belt, I went ahead in producing a short valentine’s message to Chris — he had no idea.

Then with a social media platform, the itch to simply send it to him – perhaps via Facebook timeline, or Messenger – was killing me.  You know the feeling when you just wanna give someone a gift SO BADLY and can’t wait to see them open it??  But thats just it.  If I were to send it to him, witnessing him watching it for the 1st time wouldn’t happen.  Getting that enjoyment of him receiving or “opening his gift” wouldn’t happen.  Patience?  Aside from digital age, this is also the age of instant gratification – so, PATIENCE?!  

Aww, so there I was – waiting for him to get home from work last night to screen it together… but when he did – it was THE BEST:  he arrived with Chocolate Gelato & Strawberries ^_^ 

As we sat there chatting about our day, treating ourselves to gelato & strawberries, life felt good.  As we finished, I grabbed my laptop to show him “what I got him”.  Opening his gift occurred as he opened my laptop, the screen lit up, and there was a play-button.  As he watched the video, I couldn’t help but glance from the video to his face taking in what he’s seeing.

After the biggest hug, and a huge SUCCESS feeling, it cracked me up that he watched it about 4 more times — then back to chatting, HGTV, and more gelato to wind down the night on our 4th Valentine’s Day together.

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