Swan Boat, Lemonade + DJI

Sunday before Valentine’s Day, we went to the Orlando Farmer’s Market to spend time together since we knew that actual Valentines Day wouldn’t be spent together.  At the farmers market, we browsed and purchased some local lemonade (that lemonade stand was ran by a whole family – it was awesome seeing them all work together).  I told Chris I’d never been on the Swan Boats before we arrived.  That being said, our dates always turn into video collaborations, and today: we wanted to fly the drone above us while doing the Swan Boats…

Chris must be the only person I feel would launch a drone off of our small Swan Boat while we paddled on a lake, with a massive fountain misting us with water.  Was it risky? of course.  Was it worth the fun date, bonding time & exhilarating memory together?  definitely!  


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