A Spookily Fun Film at Disney World






When I’m not making wedding films – it’s nice to create a little something for fun… I mean that is how this all started isn’t it?! So Chris and I, along with some friends, went to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary last weekend and it was my first time! I know, I’m a Florida local and definitely not flexing my Disney-bounding enough, but this already got me awaiting Food and Wine next weekend. I’m upping my Disney game slowly guys

Overall, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary at Disney World was awesome and so sweet! (wink☺️) :

From the Boo To You Parade to the Hocus Pocus Spectacular castle show, and the overabundance of candy, I think this very well might become a favorite Halloween tradition to splurge on once a year PS, we rode all the rides that usually have a 1hr+ wait time!! That in itself is a perk of going to a special event like this in my opinion!

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