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Aspen, we’ll see you again soon! We we came out to Colorado for a week, the 1st few days we spent in Aspen / Snowmass area. I made this vlog from our first day of hiking and exploring and it was seriously my favorite day of our trip. Also the most exhausting! Enjoy the quick […]

our finalist film Astrid and Robbie’s Film was selected by LoveStoriesTV, an international wedding film curator site, for their 2020 Wedding Film Awards I WAS STOKED when that email came in! With alot of hard work that’s gone into the process of learning our skills (and learning from the industry’s best!) it felt rewarding alone. […]

When I’m not making wedding films – it’s nice to create a little something for fun… I mean that is how this all started isn’t it?! So Chris and I, along with some friends, went to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary last weekend and it was my first time! I know, I’m a Florida local and definitely not […]

I could make this a really long post but in the spirit of wanting to keep it short – I’d love to pull focus on just a couple major things that I’ve learned in our first year of marriage. Side note, we looked back at our wedding footage and I made this 30 second recap […]

our anniversary trip – full of cool weather, amazing food, history learnin, and scenic drives! DAY 1: The Biltmore Estate WOW The only window that can make Chris (who’s 6’3”) look like a tiny human! As a married bunch – Chris, myself and our 2 friends, Claudia and Anthony decided to take a double-date trip […]

Our Summer Maui, Hawaii trip was nothing less than breathtaking! From the West Maui mountains to the East Maui waterfalls on the Road to Hana, this place was absolute paradise!  Best part about it all?  Traveling with a bunch of close friends!  We all got amazing $350 roundtrip airfare (only one layover too!)  and split […]

In entertainment it can be a hustle! I love dancing and doing what I love, but also I love reflecting on the quality of my hours and days to achieve a healthy work life balance.

Our LIVE TV appearance dancing for the UK’s Ant & Dec Saturday Night Takeaway show!

Our beach wedding was nothing but simplistic & minimal – yet everything we’ve always wanted.  I’m now such a supporter of small, humble weddings.  After our vision was fogged by societal norms and what we’ve been taught a wedding should look like – we minimized it, gained clarity on caring more for the people who’d […]

From beaches and Mayan ruins, to adventure parks and making friends from 2 other countries, our honeymoon in Tulum was a perfect mix of Mexican culture and adventure!