Finalist for the LoveStoriesTV 2020 Wedding Film Awards 🤯

our finalist film


Astrid and Robbie’s Film was selected by LoveStoriesTV, an international wedding film curator site, for their 2020 Wedding Film Awards I WAS STOKED when that email came in! With alot of hard work that’s gone into the process of learning our skills (and learning from the industry’s best!) it felt rewarding alone. We were selected for a People’s Choice Award, so the one category which us Finalists were selected by the industry judges and professionals – but then the winner was selected by the public. While the harsh reality is that it was going to come down a popularity contest, it was validating in its own how we were a Top 10 Finalist selected by the industry’s best! That was a win for me.


So, I did makeup for the first time in weeks (yay quarantine life!), poured some red wine, put on a cute dress and tuned into the Wedding Film Awards livestream. Chris also simultaneously asked me to wrap his arm from a biking accident he had at a nearby mountain bike park! I was honestly a little like, “now?!” but, hey – family first right?



Anyway, the People’s Choice award went to another wedding videography team and yes their film was beautiful too. The culture of everyone still congratulating each other was so amazing!

Feeling a part of a creative community is what drives me to do this. It’s also what inspires me! We simply can’t wait for quarantine life to be over, to get back to filming weddings and ALL the special moments consisting of gathering with close friends and loved ones.

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