Funky Disco Wedding | Adams Estate, Lake Alfred

I want our film to feel romantic and heartfelt but with all the party vibes!

– Madeline

Madeline and Scott are from New York City and had to post-pone their wedding a couple times, however landed on the date of 1/22/22 for their funky and romantic disco glam themed wedding day!
When I first chatted with Madeline – she told me how she’d looked for a wedding videographer for a while and so the editing and storytelling were a big deal to her. They were REALLY looking forward to traveling with all their friends and family from NYC to Florida (and man, did they bring the cold: it was about 35 degrees out and stormy, but gorgeous lighting all day!).

I always send our couples a Story Discovery Questionnaire and thats where I not only learned more about them, what they’d been through, and what they’re most excited about – but also of course their wedding day style (even music style they’d enjoy having as their film’s soundtrack).

🎬 If you’re a fellow wedding filmmaker, you can pick up my exact QA’s I send couples to define their film’s vision long before we even film their wedding HERE!

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