3 Ways to Make Better Wedding Films

Storytelling and editing is SO subjective and we all have a different approach, but I love to say:

we tell lovestory films rather than wedding day films

I’ll admit is that a few times now I have tried to outsource my editing to a couple editing companies – but when I give free rein to another editor it never feels like, well – my style. Here at NFC, our business model is a more boutique- style film house for that reason. Watch my directors commentary below but some general things to keep in mind are

1. Pre-production and personalize!

I send my Story Discovery Questionnaire and 30-Days Out Questionnaire to couples and find this is the most streamlined way to get to know them, and learn their backstory but also give them questions which prompt them to share their values and what they want reflected in their film, rather than just their dating history.

2. A film for strangers

Tell a story that their family who may never meet them one day get to understand this couple’s legacy and where it started. On that note…

3. Make me care

Bring out understanding of where this couple has been, their values, and where they’re going. Again this can be achieved with understanding their shared values for marriage and the future as well as their backstory from my questionnaires: get my questionnaires HERE

Let me explain more: watch this Director’s Commentary

Check out my first director’s commentary of one of the most loved films NFCo. films by our inquiring couples

00:00 intro
00:21 real bride inquiry
01:08 intro to wedding film
01:42 getting to know couple before wedding
02:19 my storytelling / editing techniques & guidelines
05:04 Director’s Commentary starts
25:00 bringing a story full circle
25:40 wrap up

again, you can hear a real bride’s testimony (before even booking us) and pick up my questionnaire bundle here:

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