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(5 minute read) Aside from filming weddings, I’ve also been a bride who planned her own wedding. I get it! There’s SO MANY videographers all seemingly who do the same thing. How do you choose the perfect wedding videographer? What should you base your decisions off of? Continue this 5 minute read as I’ll give […]

Wondering what planning you can do for having a cinematic looking wedding film? Read on…

I could make this a really long post but in the spirit of wanting to keep it short – I’d love to pull focus on just a couple major things that I’ve learned in our first year of marriage. Side note, we looked back at our wedding footage and I made this 30 second recap […]

Our beach wedding was nothing but simplistic & minimal – yet everything we’ve always wanted.  I’m now such a supporter of small, humble weddings.  After our vision was fogged by societal norms and what we’ve been taught a wedding should look like – we minimized it, gained clarity on caring more for the people who’d […]