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“That coffee was great” – the first words that Briana said to Tiahna, before Briana reported to duty being a local law officer Sheriff. What was first just a coffee shop daily-acquaintance with simple “hellos”, quickly snowballed into a love story of two women madly in love. During our wedding planning phone call, Tiahna and […]

    message from your filmmaker: When we were filming the wedding ceremony, and heard the officiant’s speech about what love is, I knew right away that was going to be the overarching theme for this wedding film. Paula and Billy met 30 years ago – YES, 30 years ago, as kids! Childhood sweethearts, that […]

    EMILY & HARRISON’S WEDDING DAY… was something out of a fairytale land, and theming this Wedding Film based around their poetic vows. Their vows paid homage to some of their favorite stories from Disney to Harry Potter. Harrison spoke of when he met Emily it was like he ‘strayed into a dream’, and […]

Astrid and Robbie are two of the most beautiful souls that God has graced this earth with!! They radiate an ecstatic energy, an infectious sense of warmth, and good nature to which you could truly see in their mexican-themed, garden wedding. Everything from the live mariachi band to the raw, unplanned, tearful vows made this […]

Cassie & Jerad’s cotton candy colored sunset ceremony along the warm coastline of Vero Beach, was breathtaking! From the custom details like their geometric ceremony arch to the timeless memento of Cassie’s grandmother’s pendant on her bouquet, their wedding truly felt like a unique mix of tradition and modern styling all with a tropical twist. […]

So happy to have filmed this proposal!  Robbie and Astrid work with us at Universal and are seriously the happiest and kindest couple you’ll ever meet!  Their positive energy radiates and spreads through a room like none other.

Our beach wedding was nothing but simplistic & minimal – yet everything we’ve always wanted.  I’m now such a supporter of small, humble weddings.  After our vision was fogged by societal norms and what we’ve been taught a wedding should look like – we minimized it, gained clarity on caring more for the people who’d […]

Filming an upbeat Bohemian Summer wedding at the Orlando Museum of Art

Bobby and Trish are the most generous, kind-hearted, and easy-going people we had ever met! Truly! And we could easily see that genuine nature of their’s illuminate the day and all their guests that attended the wedding.